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Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points

In the 1960's, the Pillsbury Corporation* developed*
the HACCP control system with NASA, to ensure food safety
for the first manned space missions.
The HACCP system and guidelines for its application were defined
by the Codex Alimentarius Commission in the Codex Alimentarius Code
of Practice. This Commission implements the Joint Food and Agriculture
Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and World Health Organization
(W.H.O.) Food Standards Program.
Following an outbreak of E. coli 0157 in Scotland in 1996, the Pennington
Report recommended that HACCP principles be adopted by all
food businesses to ensure food safety. HACCP principles were
incorporated into specific UK regulations, including those for the
meat and seafood industries. The British Retail Consortium
Technical Standard for Companies Supplying Retailer
Branded Food Products requires the adoption of
HACCP. Retailer branded products now
represent over 50% of all food sold
in the United Kingdom.

* (For baked goods only, they put into practise the HACCP guidelines as received from NASA)
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