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Food Safety is Priority 1 at F. G. Lister and Co.

Quality Control

HACCP graphical linking picture control assurance haccp Full Quality Control Inspections are done at our facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Documentation, imaging, shipper evaluations, and good communications with both the buyers and the shippers help keep us on top of every situation.

Charting quality trends daily, monthy and even yearly, is one of the best tools which we are doing to keep us informed of what to look for and in some instances, how to handle any problem at hand.
Before produce even gets to the market, several steps are made by
F. G. Lister to ensure that it is of the freshest quality, and free from anything that may harm the consumer.
Quality Control personnel are fully trained in following the standards set by the U.S.D.A., C.F.I.A. and H.A.C.C.P.

F.G. Lister has also developed their own set of stringent standards
and proceedures to work with the government standards.

(In sugar testing, pressure testing, product weighing, counts)

In order to maintain consistency with quality control inspectors,
the following manuals have been developed to assist in training:
  1. Receiving of inbound goods 1A Temperature
  2. Receiving of inbound goods 1B Random sampling
  3. Receiving of inbound goods 1C Condition of Carrier & Packing materials
  4. In-house stock checks
  5. Control of non-conforming products
  6. Re-packing and produce disposal
  7. Documentation of inbound good


For more information on the Quality Control department at F. G. Lister,
email: trevor@fglister.com

Quality control inspector determining the sugar content, which measures eating quality.

Quality Control

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