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Food Safety is Priority 1 at F. G. Lister and Co.

Quality Assurance

How Quality and Food Safety is Assured

At F.G. Lister, every employee is responsible for maintaining the freshness and quality of
its products. This is reinforced by Quality Assurance whose role is
to provide guidance and support for the company's total effort
to assure quality.
Q.A has developed a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
(HACCP) program, a food safety management system based on prevention, to reduce the risk
of handling and selling unsafe products. Because HACCP is a recognized system, it gives our customers
confidence in our food storage and handling practices.

The HACCP program is supported by six critical Prerequisite Programs.
HACCP graphical linking picture control assurance haccp

Program Support:

  • Premises
  • Transportation and Storage
  • Equipment
  • Personnel
  • Sanitation & Pest Control
  • Recall

Each program is thoroughly documented to demonstrate that it is in place
and being implemented effectively. The HACCP prerequisites help reduce
the number of potential hazards in the plant.

Our food safety program is audited on a regular basis to provide
assurance to our customers that our facility is selling produce within established standards.

For more information on
The Quality Assurance department at F. G. Lister

email: qa@fglister.com

F. G. Lister is your best source for food safety information.