Food Saftey at F. G. Lister
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Food Safety is Priority 1 at F. G. Lister and Co.
A Food Safety is a high priority
at F. G. Lister and Co.


We have utilized the HACCP system as outlined in
the United Nations Food Standards Program.

Validated December 16, 2002

Certificate of

Certificate of Accreditation

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  1. HACCP
  2. History of HACCP
  3. Quality Assurance
  4. Quality Control
  5. Mission Statement
  6. Seven Steps to HACCP


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"Our most important focus is implementation. We're the gatekeepers of food safety, what we send out has to be fresh, clean and safe every time. We train every staff member that they are the eyes of the company and it's their job to make sure that quality is upheld at every step." -Tony Arrigo  
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Food Safety


F.G. Lister Mission Statement

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In March of 2005, Mr. Mohammad Zosherafatein, Manager of Quality Assurance at F.G. Lister & Co. Ltd. was on hand with twenty six other employees to receive the first Platinum Award given in Canada for a near perfect audit of HACCP guidelines. Photos were taken inside the new tomato processing warehouse.
Silliker Award 2005

The Award is given by SILLIKER Canada in recognition of outstanding achievement a company that has fully incorporated HACCP into their daily operations. (This after successful 2004 audit,)

F.G. LISTER and Co. achieved a near perfect score when audited by representatives of SILLIKER.

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