This Navigation tutorial page, contains page links to other areas of the F.G. Lister website.
There are several ways to move
from page to page on this site.

This is the main menu bar you will find on main pages.

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When you click on a word on the bar, your browser will go to that page.
(but don't click yet until you read the rest)

These are called 'text links':
award l index l navigation l contacts l history l location l food safety l U.S. FDA Regis.
(red text in a text link line indicates the page you are viewing already.)

(but don't click yet until you read the rest)

These are called e-mail links.
e-mail or Sales - e-mail
Anytime you find underlined e-mail text and you click on it, a real e-mail message
window will open, already addressed to sales or administration.
You just type in your message and send it.

( go ahead and click one then come back here)
( will not work if you are using a different application than your browser for e-mail )

Sometimes a logo or picture will be a link to another Page.

F.G. Lister and Company logo image

You will know because your arrow pointer will change to a hand pointer
when the arrow pointer goes over the logo or picture.
When it does you can click on the logo and go to that page.

( this one will go to the index page )

. If you get lost, just click on one of these plain green bars and
you'll go instantly to the general index page.

Here is a handly button.


When you click on it, the page will scroll to the top.
( go ahead and try it )
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